Things That Make People Go From A 10 To A 5!

Some people are happy being a "5"

Have you ever thought someone was perfect, then they did something that ruined it?  Someone asked people to name things that can immediately drop someone from a “10” way down to a “5.”


Here are some of the top answers.


1.  Arrogance.  You could be the hottest person in the world and still be unattractive if you’re arrogant about it.


2.  Entitlement.  Like saying, “Do you know who you’re talking to?”, or worse, “Do you know who my Father is?”


3.  Littering.  One woman went on a date, and it was going great until the guy tossed his Taco Bell wrappers out the window of his car.  So it didn’t work out.


4.  Constantly talking over people.  It gets annoying real fast.


5.  Being rude or too demanding.  Especially if you’re rude to waiters.


6.  Your only hobby is shopping.  It just shouldn’t be the core of who you are.


7.  Shoving politics or religion down people’s throats.  Especially if they obviously don’t want to keep talking about it.


8.  No sense of humour.  For some people, it doesn’t matter how good-looking you are.  You have to make them laugh too.


9.  Poor hygiene.  You look good, but do you SMELL good?


10.  Leaving your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot.  Some people are very passionate about that one.