Things That Make People Quit Their Jobs!

From annoying co-workers to outdated work systems, there are a lot of irritations that can get to us at work.

But what things are enough to drive people to quit their jobs?

Here Are The Top Five Things That Drive People To Quit!

Lack of Career Development opportunities!
Over the last 12 months, there has been a 200% increase in Google searches for ‘work progression.’  If there’s nothing for employees to work towards, morale and motivation will take a hit.

Poor Recognition and Reward Systems
It’s important for employees to feel like their hard work is being recognized – otherwise, what’s the point in them putting in so much effort?

Limited Access to Health and Well-being Services
In the last 12 months, there’s been a rise in Google searches for ‘health and wellbeing in the workplace. From medical and dental cover to access to mental health services and employee assistance programmes, there are so many ways employers can offer health benefits.

Most people will have experienced micromanagement at least once in their career – whether it’s breathing-down-the-neck supervision or constant nitpicking.
But this micromanagement limits feelings of autonomy and has a hugely detrimental impact on the trust between employees and managers. It typically drives people away from the business, too.

Negative Workplace Culture
A company’s working environment can have a huge impact on employee wellbeing, job satisfaction and engagement – and many factors can create a negative work culture. Some of these might include a tense atmosphere, poor management, a lack of work-life balance or unclear communication. A negative culture often leads to people leaving –  resulting in higher staff turnover levels.