Things That Make Us Average

Are you average or above average!

How average are you?  Let’s find out!  Here’s what a poll by BuzzFeed said that makes us average!

The average person will eat 46 slices of pizza a year… While that seems like a lot, it works out to about four slices a month, but 75% said they eat less pizza than that.

The average person will eat 12.7 pounds of ice cream.  That’s about one pint a month….91% said they eat less.

The average person only gets two pieces of actual mail a month, not counting bills, junk mail, and packages.  60% said they don’t even get that much.

The average person will spend 51 minutes per day driving, while 76% said they don’t drive that much…

$438 spent on groceries each month.  46% said more, and 54% said less.

Uses the bathroom seven times a day.  41% said they go MORE than that.

1,500 hours of TV a year, or about four hours a day.  Another pretty even split.  45% said more, and 55% said less.