Things That Really Show Your Age!

Feeling old is fun...Said no one ever!

If you did any of these things growing up, you are officially old!

If you ever…

Spent way too long watching the TV guide channel to see what was on.

Printed out a whole page of directions and still got lost

Watched TV on a big hulkin’ piece of wood

Slammed a phone down with such force that you heard a ding!

Ate ice cream out of a toilet paper roll…

Drove a car that needed two keys just to unlock the door and then get it running

Almost caused a 15-car pileup trying to find the perfect CD from your binder

Burned your arm on one of those metal ashtrays in the armrest of the car on a hot summer day

Or threw out your shoulder trying to open one of those super heavy doors on the car.

If you spent time in a room with wood panel siding…

If you got disconnected from the internet cause someone in the house needed to use the phone

Answered a phone having zero idea who was on the other end

Had to go get a newspaper to check the movie times

Having to go to a dedicated room in the school just to use a computer

Having to use manual labour to rewind a cassette with a pencil 

Publicly ranking the nearest and dearest to you!