Things We All Do But Never Mention!

We all do it!

Turns out, we’re not that much different from one another. We all have the little weird things we do.

For example, maybe you sit in the driveway and wait for a song to finish before getting out of your car.

Here’s a list of things we all do, but never talk about!

Think the music you listen to is totally awesome, but when showing it to others, you get extremely self-conscious about it!

When you notice someone’s typo, look at your keyboard to see if the wrong letter is near the correct letter?”

Always say ‘ouch’ whenever you bump into something even though it didn’t hurt?”

Check your pee colour and feel proud when it’s clear and hydrated!

Saying ‘Wed-nes-day’ when you’re writing down Wednesday! 

When cuddling with your pet and you get up, but first explain to your pet why you are moving from that spot!

Ordering food online, then staring out the window waiting for the delivery person. 

Putting on a sock and discovering a hole, but decided to wear it one last time.

Counting the people in front of you when having to read out loud in class to see which sentence you had to read and practice.

Running water over your toothbrush, apply the toothpaste, and then run the water again over the toothpaste…

Flushing the toilet for a second time because the first flush was weak…but there’s that long waiting period where the toilet ‘recharges’ after flushing so you just stand there impatiently waiting until the water sound goes away so you can flush again.

Continuing to type your full sentence even when the keyboard freezes so you can watch the sentence type itself up when it unfreezes…