Things We Are Hoping To Achieve This Year!

Do you have a goal for this year?

According to the new survey, the pandemic has motivated people to get out and achieve some goals. After being stuck at home for the past two years, people are ready to conquer the world!


According to a poll of 2,000 people, 62% have more life goals they’re hoping to accomplish this year than ever before.


Travelling tops the list of people’s life goals this year. They’re more interested in taking a vacation than buying a home or having a baby.


Of those polled planning to travel in 2022 (just over 1,100 respondents), the most popular trips include a group trip with friends and family, a road trip and a bucket-list vacation to a destination they’ve never been to.


The survey found that beyond travel, other events on the horizon for people included buying a car, attending a concert or festival, furnishing a home/apartment and attending a wedding.


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Take a domestic vacation in the U.S. – 44%
Take a vacation abroad – 39%
Purchase a car – 38%
Attend a concert or festival – 37%
Attend a sporting event – 36%
Buy a new summer wardrobe – 35%
Buy a home – 35%
Attend a wedding – 34%
Furnish a home/apartment – 34%
Move to a new city/state – 31%
Plan a wedding – 28%
Move-in with a significant other/partner – 28%
Get pregnant / Have a child – 26%
Get engaged – 26%