Things We Hate About Being In The Office!

Free coffee is great, but a dirty kitchen isn't

Many people are returning to the office and it’s exciting to think that life will soon feel pretty normal again. 


Finally, we get to commute again, enjoy free cups of coffee, feel that in-office buzz, and see our co-workers again… only to remember just how annoying they are in person.


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Here’s a list of the most annoying things about the office environment!


  1. People speaking loudly
  2. People coughing and sneezing without putting their hands in front of their mouth
  3. People coming into work when ill
  4. Computers being slow
  5. IT issues
  6. Smelly toilets
  7. People who leave dirty dishes in the work sink
  8. People not washing their hands after using the loo
  9. Filthy toilet seats/bowls
  10. Computers crashing


Other annoyances include a busted printer, smelly foods in the kitchen, cold air conditioning…