Happy wife, happy life!

Hey there guys, if you’re looking to stay out of the dog house, perhaps steer clear from gifts that make work!


Here are a few gifts to avoid giving your wife, ever!


A vacuum- Or any cleaning supplies! These are tools to get jobs done for everyone in the house. They aren’t gifts.


Exercise equipment /Gym Memberships- Nothing says, “I wish you were in better shape” than a gym membership or exercise equipment. Again…if she’s into fitness and she asks for it…perfect. Until then…off-limits.

Anything re-gifted! Did you receive the gift from someone else? Did you maybe give it to someone else and get it back? If so…no-no.

Kitchen gadgets. Want to make your wife’s time in the kitchen more enjoyable? Cook dinner for her and then do the dishes.

Cash! Throwing money at some things can help, but Christmas gifts ain’t it. If you really want to show her you don’t care, just give her some money in a card. C’mon man! Put some thought into it!

Wrinkle Cream! You gave her the wrinkles! You don’t need to insult her by pointing out that you see them.

Hair Dye! This one is a lot like the wrinkle cream. No man in his right mind would give this to his wife.