Stop it, it's annoying!

Another epic conversation on Reddit that asked people what you shouldn’t brag about! Let’s get right to it and all learn from each other!

Here are the top “Don’t Brag About”

Don’t brag about being a good person, cause it means you are not!

When someone tries to one-up your struggles… Let me have my moment of feeling sorry for myself, please!

How easily they can manipulate people, or how good they are at lying! No one likes a liar!

Don’t brag about being a great drunk driver. YOU SHOULD NEVER DRIVE AND DRIVE

When people brag about how overprotective their partner is… That’s also creepy!

Don’t brag about money.  It will only make people want to punch you or rob you!

Stop bragging about things being big!  Because unless it’s a wallet, fridge or bed- I’m not interested!

Don’t brag about how you’re best friends with your kid- That’s lame!

Don’t brag about how many hours you work. Either a lot or very little.

Don’t brag about how blunt you are. Translation, I’m aggressive and abrasive.

Don’t brag about how smart you are! No one likes to feel dumb!

Don’t brag about how you could beat someone in a physical fight. It’s not gym class in 1985

Don’t brag about never reading books!  That makes you look dumb!

Don’t brag about how popular you were in high school.  How’s that working out for you now?  Father of four with a minivan