It was a better time!

It’s about time to get the fireplace going, and to have all the children gather ’round to hear Boomers talk about the “good old days.”  Younger people might joke about that, but some things are becoming harder and harder to imagine these days.

Here are five sage observations, from old folks online:

1.  Decades ago, it was common not to have photos of everything, or anything.  Now, you might feel disappointed about doing something or going somewhere and “not taking enough pictures.”  But before cell phones, it was normal to go MONTHS without any photos being taken.

2.  You had to create your sources of fun.  Without access to just about anything you wanted on digital media, it was easy to be bored without inventing games and activities to do with friends and family.

3.  There was a LOT less FOMO.  Your access to what was happening or available was limited to what you’d see on a handful of TV channels, what people around you talked about, and what you’d see on store shelves.

4.  It was common to wear the same clothing as someone else, at least in the suburbs and out in the country.  Most people relied on whatever was in stock at the stores at the mall, local shops, or secondhand stores.

5.  Sometimes you just COULDN’T find the answer to something.  You couldn’t Google it, and get the answer in 10 seconds.  If you had a question, you could ask people, your family, your friends, your teachers, or check the library.  But if that didn’t work, then you might just have to accept that you weren’t going to get an answer, or you’d have to hope to come across that answer someday in the future.