This Expert Tip Shows Exactly How Much Water You Need To Drink After Exercise

We all know we should be drinking water. Lots of us probably don’t drink enough.

Water is great for our skin, concentration, and overall wellbeing, but when we work out we need to drink even more of it.


Ensuring you drink plenty of water not only keeps you safe, but it’s necessary for your performance during a workout.


Even mild dehydration can hinder your workout efforts, decreasing both mental and physical capabilities. Dehydration can reduce energy, and cause muscle cramps and dizziness.

But how do you know exactly how much water your body needs in order to recover after a workout? Whether you’re an elite athlete, an occasional class-goer, or a running fanatic, hydration is key after exercise.


A professional training expert reveals a simple hack to you figure out how much to drink after exercising in the heat!


How to know how much water to drink after a workout

The ‘Sweat Reset Calculation’ tells you exactly how much water you need to drink to rehydrate after your workout.

There are four steps to follow:


  1. If you’re planning a workout that day, weigh yourself naked beforehand. Ideally first thing in the morning after going to the toilet.
  1. Once you have finished your workout, go to the toilet, and weigh yourself again naked.
  1. Calculate how many grams you’ve lost, then multiply it by 1.5.
  1. So, if you lose 100 grams in a workout, you’ll need to take on 150 millilitres of water.

Or, for every kilogram of weight you have lost, make sure you drink at least 1.5 litres of water.