This Guy is Giving His Farm Away for Free on Kijiji

Historic Waterfront Farm Property Near Smiths Falls

Stephen Overbury wants to move to Japan, so he’s looking for a new owner of his historic farm located near Smiths Falls. He has listed the property on Kijiji and over 100,000 people have viewed the listing in 5 days.

It includes:

  • 1800’s stone built home
  • 4 Barns
  • Some Farm Equipment
  • A Vehicle
  • Farm Animals

You’re not convinced are you? Well there is a catch and here it is:

“The catch for assuming usage of this stellar property, make no mistake about it, is HARD WORK and total COMMITMENT to making use of the property and showing a genuine interest in animal welfare,” the ad reads. “Here, no animal is killed. I am vegan oriented but you need not to be of course as long as you live and let live. And THINK GREEN.”