This Incentive Will Make Men 4 Times More Likely To Lose Weight

Cash is King!

According to a new study, people with obesity or who are looking to lose weight are four times likelier to lose weight if they’re offer money!

Professor Pat Hoddinott from the University of Stirling in Scotland led the yearlong study, published in the journal JAMA Network. The study, titled Game of Stones, included 585 men — hailing from Bristol, England; Belfast, Ireland; and Glasgow, Scotland — with an average body mass index of 37.7. 

The study found that in addition to offering financial incentives, sending motivational text messages with information about lifestyle changes and online resources helped study participants lose more weight.

The men were divided into three groups. One group got cash incentives and motivational text messages, another group got just motivational text messages and a third group got neither.

One group of participants was told $507 was being held in an account for them and would be released after the study but that, should they not meet their weight loss goals, money would be taken out. Of the men in that group, 27 received the full amount. On average, those men got $162.

Men who were offered money and sent text messages lost on average 4.8% of their body weight, those who were sent just texts lost 2.7% and those who got neither lost just 1.3%.

Losing weight can make people feel better, reduce their risk of many health problems such as diabetes, and helps the health service with their aim to keep men well…