This Is How Often We Should Be Washing Our Sheets To Avoid Stuffy Noses!

Do it weekly! Clean sheets could keep you healthy!

Experts are warning that not changing your sheets weekly can lead to ear, nose and throat problems, with a stuffy nose being one common effect.

Not everyone changes their sheets weekly, or even monthly in some cases! 

However, according to a sleep expert, sleeping in sheets that are covered in dust and dead skin cells will only irritate your nasal pathways further, especially if you’re particularly prone to allergies.

Changing sheets is not the only way to mitigate nasty allergens…

Staying on top of cleaning in other areas of the house will also help get rid of any pollen or other allergens you may be bringing into the house, which could make your blocked nose worse.

A high concentration of allergens in a bedroom setting impacts sleep quality since you can, grossly, inhale them. So while it may not be dangerous, your sleep might be interrupted by coughing and sneezing during the night…


As far as who is most susceptible, a recent study reported that a little under half of single men wash their bedding only every four months. Couples wash their sheets about once a month, and single women do so about every two weeks.