This Is The Exact Date To Put Up Your Christmas Tree Up

And it’s not December 1st!

When to decorate for the holidays has been hotly contested year after year, but experts are finally squashing the debate once and for all.

While decking the halls as early as November can make you merrier, there is an exact day you should assemble your tree — spoiler: it’s not the first of the month.

Dec. 3 is the ideal date to put up the ol’ Tannenbaum, according to experts from the UK-based Christmas Tree World.

Many households like to set up their tree and other festive decorations on the first day of the month to mark the start of the official countdown to the big day…

However, holiday lore insists that decor follow the advent calendar, which kicks off this year on Dec. 3 — the fourth Sunday before Christmas — and ends on Dec. 24. Those who dare to test tradition could be haunted by bad luck, according to the superstitious.

As for taking down the Christmas fir, history instructs to wait until after the “Twelve Days” — no partridges, gold rings or drummers necessary — which ends on Jan. 5 this year.