This Is Why You Should Never Put A Cork Back On a Wine Bottle!

You're doing it wrong!

Sommelier reveals the common mistake that most of us make!

Wine lovers should never put the cork back on an unfinished bottle says sommelier Warner Boin.

“If you were to put the cork back in a bottle of wine that’s half empty, you’ll see the oxygen and corks are porous,” Boin said.

Porous means the cork has minute holes that allow oxygen to flow through the item, meaning even more air will get into the half-empty bottle.

Too much oxygen in a bottle of wine can destroy the complex flavours in the bottle of wine.

Instead, Warner suggests an alternative way to close the bottle of wine without it being exposed to the elements!

“I recommend a mason jar. All you have to do is take whatever wine you have left over and pour it into the mason jar – or any kind of airtight container.”

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