This Person Is The Best Gift-Giver!

These people are always on the nice list, because it's you!

Even though a quarter of people admit they belong on the naughty list this holiday season, four in five believe they should be showered with gifts, according to new research.


A survey of 2,000 people looked at how they treat themselves for the holidays and revealed that nearly three in four are likely to buy themselves a present this year (74%).


A staggering nine in 10 respondents said they’ll still spoil themselves with presents even when they receive gifts from others.


While 26% would prefer to let others know what they want to be gifted, 31% would rather be surprised.

What’s on people’s wish lists?

Gift Cards


Conducted by OnePoll in partnership with Angara, the survey also found that 76% think they’re the best gift-giver to themselves, which may be why 69% of them prefer to buy their own presents.


Over half of people say that they can be picky when it comes to gifts, so that’s why most prefer to shop for themselves!


About 37% of people are willing to spend about $500 on themselves this holiday season!