This Spice Can Boost Your Sex Drive, According To A Study!

Ever heard of fenugreek?

A new study in India shows consuming plenty of fenugreek – a spice commonly found in Indian cooking – can help to improve the lives of women.


What does it taste like? The spice fenugreek is said to have a sweet, nutty flavour reminiscent of maple syrup and burnt sugar.


Researchers say that the plant can help reduce issues like dryness!


The study involved 24 menstruating women aged between 20 to 48, who took organic fenugreek extract, called FenuSMART (FHE); results showed they experienced an increased libido, lower irritability, and enhanced estradiol, the female sex hormone.


They also displayed a 41.6% improvement in sexual problems and a 40% improvement in irritability!


Apparently, the plant can help menopausal women with common issues also including mood swings and depression.


Fenugreek contains phytoestrogens, which are a type of plant chemical that’s similar to the female sex hormone estrogen.


Women shouldn’t have fenugreek during pregnancy, as it can start contractions prematurely, risking miscarriage. Both the leaves and seeds of the plant are used when cooking!