This Year’s Toy Hall Of Fame Finalists…

All worthy!

The following 12 toys are finalists for the 2023 induction into The Strong’s National Toy Hall Of Fame. Only a few will take their honoured places in the hall this year when they are announced on Thursday, November 9, at 10:30 a.m.

This year’s nominees include baseball cards, Battleship, Bingo, Bop It and the Cabbage Patch Kids. Also in the running is Choose Your Own Adventure Gamebooks!

Connect 4

Connect 4—based on the earlier strategy game The Captain’s Mistress—challenges players to be the first to place four tokens in a row. Its quick gameplay makes it a favourite with kids, who can detect patterns, problem-solve, and use basic math. Some serious gamers deride Connect 4 because it’s been “solved,”—there’s mathematically a way for the first player to win every time—but it remains a popular game in many households for its kid-friendly play.


Mattel copyrighted the line, “He’s a Doll!” to introduce Barbie’s boyfriend Ken in March 1961 at the American Toy Fair in New York. For more than six decades, Ken has been at Barbie’s side (including a 2004 break-up publicity stunt). Throughout it all, he has consistently reflected the times with his outfits and sparked conversations about popular culture, sexuality, acceptance, play, and gender roles.

Also being considered, are Little Tykes Cozy Coupe, Nerf Toys, Slime and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles