THROWBACK THURSDAY: You’re About to Feel Super Old

20 years ago this week Spice Girls "Wannabe" hit #1...

John, Paul, George & Ringo… I’m sorry I meant Posh, Sporty, Ginger & Baby Spice. Names etched among music royalty.

It was November of 1996 when “Girl Power” began dominating… Everything; Music, merchandise, clothing and posters on every teenage girl’s wall.

“Wannabe” went to #1 on the Billboard Charts in January of 1997.


“Wannabe” took over as the best-selling single in the world by a female group. In 2014, it was rated as the most easily recognizable pop song of the last 60 years.

I case you were wondering the Urban Dictionary does contain a top definition for “zig a zig ah.”

1. v. To enjoy oneself
2. v. To partake in enjoyable activities of the PG kind.
3. v. To wear excessive amounts of makeup and platform shoes and sing about absolutely nothing.
4. n. What Scary Spice really really wants.