TikTok, Halsey, And Label Drama?

TikTok breaks major label artists, while helping smaller ones? The issue sparked by Halsey's recent label controversy.

Halsey performs in September of 2019.

TikTok has been HUGE over the past three years making and breaking artists into the scene. The app has introduced us to artist like GAYLE, Tai Verdes, Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, and Olivia Rodrigo to name a few.

Songs have gone from viral TikTok sounds, to chart toppers in a matter of months, and even weeks in some instances! It’s great exposure for some, and for others? TikTok presents a problem.

Halsey made headlines earlier last week when they posted this on their TikTok feed:

Halsey alleges that their label is FORCING them to create TikToks that go “viral” and not allowing them to release their completed song unless it blows up on the app.

Some fans criticised Halsey, claiming that they were just “faking” this for views. Other fans were on the “Without Me” singer’s side.

For reference, Halsey has over 23 million followers on Instagram, 14 million followers on Twitter, and almost 5 million followers on TikTok. If they wanted to drop a song, it would do well regardless.

The singer even commented on the situation on their Twitter account:


This isn’t the first time an issue of record labels forcing artists to make TikToks in the hopes they go viral has been brought up by artists, one Twitter user Allure pointed out:

Thankfully the song situation came to a conclusion earlier today as Halsey posted this update on their account:


After her “viral” TikTok received over 9 million views, her label Capital Records agreed to release the tune.
The song “So Good” will be released on June 9th.

The music video directed by Alev Alydin, will release the next day, June 10th.

Halsey celebrated their win on Twitter:


Regardless of however fans view the situation, the song IS being released.

Hopefully this saga will have some impact moving forward on record labels forcing their artists to make TikToks, as fans clearly were divided on the issue as a whole.