Tim Hortons “Roll Up The Rim” Promotion Goes All Digital

Our favourite Spring contest is going all digital this year!

No more struggling to roll up the coffee cup rim with your thumbs or teeth!

Timmy Hortons is replacing printed messages under rolled-up coffee rims with scanning a loyalty card or using an app. The name of the promotion has been changed to “Roll up to Win,” rather than “Roll up the Rim to Win.”

Starting March 8th and running until April 4th, customers will scan the Tim Hortons app on their phone when purchasing to earn a “roll.”  If you have the app, you’ll see right away if you’ve won a prize.

The other option is to scan a loyalty card and later log into the contest’s website to see if you’ve earned a prize!

There are a few menu items added to the prize list ,too.  Costumers can now also win cold beverages and breakfast sandwiches in addition to hot drinks and donuts.

Tim Hortons says that every roll will be a winner!  No more “Please play again” messages. Instead, every roll will get you a prize, free menu item, or rewards points.