Tips on How To Deal With A Super Bowl Hangover!

Pound that water!

Chances are good your boss will know that you aren’t sick if you call in today!

Here’s a fun fact:  Canadians and Americans spent over $1 billion on beer in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl in prior years…

The aftermath of these festivities can hit hard on Monday morning, leaving many with what is commonly known as the Super Bowl hangover. 

If you hind yourself in this camp, here are a few things you can try to help diminish the pain…

Drink water or liquids…

Consider balanced nutrition…While there’s no cure for a hangover, some foods can be a big help with the effects the day after. Opt for foods that are easy on the stomach, such as whole grains, lean proteins and fruits.

Eggs contain an amino acid called cysteine that can break down acetaldehyde, a byproduct of your liver’s breakdown of ethanol. They are also high in B vitamins, which studies have previously shown can help with the symptoms. Bananas, meanwhile, can help bring your potassium levels back up to normal.

Take your vitamins…People with lowered levels of vitamin B23 and zinc suffer more severe hangovers, according to a recent study from the Netherlands’ Utrecht University.  These two substances are commonly found in meat, suggesting that Super Bowl Sunday may not be the best time to try going vegan.

Allow your body time to process the alcohol…A common myth is that you need to drink more alcohol the next morning, or later in the evening, to decrease the effects of alcohol. However, after following the prior steps, people should allow their bodies to process the alcohol by cutting themselves off earlier in the night.  

Rest and Recover! During a hangover, fatigue will be a major and persistent symptom that will be hard to shake off the next day unless you get plenty of sleep.  If possible, take short naps or allocate time for a good night’s sleep on Monday to help your body recover from the physical and emotional strains of the Super Bowl festivities.

Other things to try include exercising gently…Caffeine in moderation and some good old Tylenol!