Tips To Cut Shopping Bills In Half

Chicken is so expensive!

While some Canadians are expected to get a grocery rebate in the mail or their accounts this week, the rest of the country is still feeling the pain in their wallets when shopping for food.

A food guru has shared 10 tips that could cut your shopping bills in half – including always looking at the lowest placed items on a shelf, avoiding the bigger carts and investing more in the frozen food aisle.


1. Always have a shopping list and stick to it – but before you do, make sure you have raided the cupboards and fridge freezer to see what you can use up for the week ahead.

2. Choose a half-size shopping cart – there is less room to fill with impulse purchases and things you don’t need.

3. Walk the supermarket in a specific order – start at the reduced section, then visit the frozen food aisles, then the canned products and finish at the fresh foods.

4. Always look at the lowest level foods – the non-branded products are likely to be lower down and out of the eye line.

5. Always look at the cost per 100g or 100ml – displayed on the shelf edge label, promotions on smaller-sized products can make the cost cheaper compared to bigger items.

6. The frozen food aisle is your friend – these products are frozen at the point of picking which means nutrients are immediately locked in and last longer as well as being better value than fresh.

7. Try batch cooking – rather than making it for the exact number of household members, double it and freeze it.

8. Opt more for meat-free recipes – some meat alternatives can be cheaper than meat, and products such as lentils or tofu are great alternatives while being substantial and better value for money.

9. Make the most of shopping vouchers, apps and coupons that offer heavily discounted items you can use in-store.

10. Sign up for supermarket loyalty programs and apps to earn rewards and get great discounts and or cash back.