Today Is National Muffin Day!


February 20. It’s National Muffin Day!English muffins have been whipped up in kitchens as far back as a thousand years ago in Wales, and American style muffins have been around since the 18th century. 

Muffins are a great breakfast on the run, a perfect substitute for toast during brunch, and an easy treat to make and give as a gift. How are you going to celebrate National Muffin Day? Hopefully by eating a lot of muffins, but we have a few other ideas for toasting this spectacular baked good.


  • Try a new type of muffin
    If you saw Portuguese muffins above and a question mark popped up over your head, you’re not alone. Known as Bolos Lêvados in some places, and Portuguese pancakes in others, these delights are like a sweeter version of English muffins. See if you can hunt some down in your local market, or if you’re feeling ambitious, look up a recipe and get cooking!
  • Make your own muffins
    There might not be an easier baked good to make. We’ve even included a few awesome recipes below! The Portuguese muffin takes a bit more effort, but they’re worth it. Feeling sheepish? Don’t! A few simple ingredients and a muffin tin are all you need to make the muffins of your dreams. You can do it. We believe in you.
  • Find the best muffin in town
    Talk to your bakery-bound friends, and consult your favorite app — hiding behind some storefront near you is your own magical muffin match. Go on a tour of coffee shops and buy a muffin from each, then cut them up and do a taste test, by yourself or with friends! You’ll find your go-to muffin, and get to taste a variety of varieties while you searc