Top 10 Things To Say Yes To In 2023!

Say "yes" to you this year!

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed 37 percent of these feel financial worries have held them back from saying ‘yes’ to enjoying experiences in the last 12 months putting it down to a lack of confidence.

In fact, in January – the start of a New Year that’s seen as an opportunity to broaden horizons – the average adult says no to something they actually want to do every 10 days.

But this fear of saying yes means 35 percent think they have missed out on making new friends, while 33 percent have avoided asking someone on a date. And 32 percent believe it has held them back from trying a new hobby.

But this year, ‘Yes’ is in season!

However, the research also found that adults want to use 2023 to put themselves out there more – as three in five want to beat the January blues and say yes more.

To do so, 34 percent will accept invitations to more social gatherings, and 23 percent want to tuck into delicacies they haven’t tried before.


1.       New travel and holiday destinations

2.       More social activities and plans

3.       New friendships

4.       New health and exercise regimes

5.       New hobbies

6.       Cultural experiences

7.       New career and job opportunities

8.       New opportunities for self-care

9.       Live music events

10.   New food and cuisine