Fitness Trends To Look For This Year And Tips On How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

If we all just took the stairs!

According to Google, here are some fitness trends to look out for this year…

  • The rise of the “wellness metaverse”
  • People taking AR (Augmented Reality) fitness classes
  • Consumers owning smart exercise equipment
  • More people using apps for workouts
  • An increase in the popularity of men’s care

If you’re into old-fashioned exercise at best, there are a few things you can do throughout the day to help you on your way to achieving your goals; or least fitting into your pants.

Keeping a fitness routine and staying fit throughout the year has some incredible benefits like reducing health risks, strengthening your bones and muscles, and improving your mental health as well. Although many Canadians find it difficult to maintain, here are a few ways experts say you can stay fit without even realizing it.

Take the stairs – If you are needing to take an elevator to get where you are going, look for the staircase and do those instead.

Park Far Away – If you are heading to a mall or department store try parking as far away as you can from the entrance.

Bike To Work – This is a double whammy! Save on fuel and get your exercise in by biking to work.

Propose Walking Meetings – If the weather is nice, it might be a good idea to suggest walking meetings with the team.

Set A Timer – Set a timer for every 30min to stand up and stretch.

Get Fit with your Friends – Instead of going out for dinner or drinks with your friends, ask if they would like to do something active like golfing, tennis, dancing lessons or a fitness class together.