TOP 5: Excuses To Cheat On Your Diet This Summer

Pretty Sure I've Used Every One Of These...

Sticking to a diet is hard enough, but sticking to a diet in the Summer, well that’s a talent!

Here are the Top 5 excuses you will use when you cheat on your diet…

“The kids are home for the summer”… because it can be hard eating healthy all the time with kids around.

“I’ll just have a bite” … it’s never ends up being “just a bite”. There’s no such thing when someone offers you your favourite ice cream cone on a hot day.


“I’ll make it a cheat day” … which by the way, as good as that sounds, doesn’t make the diet any easier!

“It’s hot outside”… that’s to be used when you’re caught sipping a cold beer on a patio.

And this one is probably the most popular excuse for cheating on a diet in the Summer…

“I’m on vacation”… I said that last weekend when David and I were away. Ice cream, cheese tortellini and pizza are definitely NOT on our high protein diet plan.