Top Energy Boosters! What Gets You Going!

Jumping Jacks, Yelling, clapping your hands?

A new study reveals how we find energy when we don’t otherwise have it.   Almost two-thirds of us turn to sweets or chocolate, and listen to upbeat music!



More than a quarter will roll down the window in the car in an effort to wake their brains up!  Others have tried chewing gum or drinking water.

Some people have tried jumping up and down, going for a walk, and even taking an ice bath.



The study also found more than two-thirds of adults try these methods to stop them feeling tired or sluggish, with three in 10 struggling to keep their eyes open when low on energy.  26 percent are unable to get out of bed in the morning.



About 22% say they burn out at their desk and it takes all that they have not to fall asleep when working. 

However, more than half of those polled via OnePoll feel ‘more awake’ while spending time outside and for 45 percent this has a positive impact on their overall mood and mental health.





1. Drink coffee

2. Go for a walk

3. Drink some water

4. Eat a chocolate bar

5. Listen to music

6. Open a (building) window for fresh air

7. Put the window down in a moving car

8. Eat sweets

9. Drink an energy drink

10. Eat an energy bar


Other energy-boosting activities include taking a supplement, running, biking, singing, jumping up and down, and even pinching themselves.