Top Every Day Most Intense Moments In Life!

Life can be stressful!

Life’s most intense moments have been revealed in a new poll. They include getting married, meeting your celebrity crush and watching a team play a make-or-break match.

A poll of 2,000 adults found, on average, they experience 11 of these situations each year, with moving house, going through a breakup, and getting a promotion also high on the list.

Buying a property, getting a pet, falling over in public, and sending a message to the wrong group chat, were cited as other nail-biting moments.


  1. Moving house
  2. A breakup/divorce
  3. Buying a property
  4. Your wedding day
  5. A family feud
  6. Proposing to your partner/being proposed to
  7. Watching your team play in a make-or-break match
  8. Getting a promotion
  9. Falling over in public
  10. Getting a pet
  11. Meeting your celebrity crush or idol
  12. The series finale of your favourite show
  13. Sending a message to the wrong WhatsApp chat
  14. Watching a sex scene in a TV show/film with your parents/children
  15. Finding some forgotten money in your pocket