Touchdown Food For The Big Game

Eats That Will Stop Any Fans Craving At The 50 Yard Line

Whether you’re hosting a viewing party or just looking for some delicious snacks for The Big Game, we’ve got you covered. From classic game day bites to unique twists on old favorites, our list of touchdown food is sure to impress.

Loaded Nachos

Loaded nachos are a classic football food and you can make it as easy or as fancy as you want!

Tortilla chips, cheese, tomatoes, green onion and peppers are the basics, but you could even go as far as adding diced chicken, pulled pork, avocado, olives, or hot peppers.

The possibilities are endless!

You can even get creative with the salsa for dipping. Instead of mild or spicy, what about a corn salsa? Or go sweet and tangy with mango salsa!

Salad On A Stick

If you’re looking for a healthy option (and you’re not afraid of your friends making fun of your good choices on game day), this is a great way to turn a salad into a game day app.

All you have to do is take fresh ingredients like cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, mushroom and lettuce chunks, and layer them on a skewer. Drizzle your favourite dressing over top and you’re all set!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is a staple in my house, and SO easy to make!

1 package (8 ounces) of softened cream cheese
1 cup cooked chicken chopped into bite-sized chunks; add Buffalo seasoning for even more flavour
1/2 cup Buffalo wing hot sauce
1/2 cup 4 cheese ranch salad dressing
2 cups shredded Tex-Mex cheese

Spread the cream cheese in an even layer on the bottle of a deep dish baking pan. Add the chicken chunks then evenly drizzle hot sauce and ranch dressing over everything. Top with cheese and bake at 350°F for 20-25 minutes.

Grab a bag of chips and you’re set!

Football Strawberries

It’s the biggest football day of the year … why not have football-themed desserts?

Dark chocolate covered strawberries are already a decadent treat! But you can take them to the next level by adding lines of white chocolate to create a football look.

Food Stadium

Want a little bit of everything? Then this is perfect for your game day celebrations! Don’t get intimidated by the sheer size. This is easier to build than it looks and will definitely please any football fan!

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The Big Game is a time to come together to enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks and great company. Whether you prefer classic apps or want to try something new, the options are endless.

With our list of touchdown food, you’ll be sure to find the perfect dish to suit your taste buds. And remember, it’s not about who wins or loses … it’s about the memories and experiences shared with loved ones. (Who are we kidding – it’s mostly about who wins and loses!)