The Best Things About Chicken Wings!

You can't go wrong with chichen wings!

According to a new survey, we think very highly of chicken wings and in fact, those little bird wings are considered among our favourite appetizers, followed by chips and salsa and French fries.

A survey of 2,000 people found that three in four people won’t judge you for licking your fingers after eating chicken wings – because they’ll do the same.

People also enjoy a good chicken wing whenever the cravings hit, when ordering takeout or delivery at home and at parties.

This may also be why seven in 10 of those who enjoy the savoury food crave them often, and why they make sure to eat every last bite before leaving the bones behind.

When presented with a plate of chicken wings, a third of people will reach for a drummette first. But a quarter of respondents would prefer a flat wing instead, while 42% would gladly eat both.

When it comes to the boneless debate.  Most people still prefer the OG wings- bone in.

Almost half of the people who are passionate about wings say they would make fun of someone for ordering boneless and wouldn’t go on a second date if that person ordered boneless.

According to respondents, the best chicken wings are deep-fried or grilled and tossed in barbecue sauce, ranch seasoning or hot buffalo sauce. For those hot wings, 79% said they need a dipping sauce to cool down.

For those dippers, the average person will dip their wings in sauce five times per wing.

Top Casual-Dining Appetizers

Chicken wings – 54%
Chips and salsa – 46%
French fries – 44%
Mozzarella sticks – 44%
Onion rings – 44%
Chips and queso – 43% [TIED]
Potato skins – 43% [TIED]
Chips and guacamole – 42%
Biscuits/bread – 42%
Fried shrimp – 41%

Best Chichen Wings Flavours

BBQ – 39%
Ranch seasoned – 34%
Hot buffalo – 33%
Garlic Parmesan – 32%
Honey mustard – 31%
Lemon pepper – 30% [TIED]
Medium buffalo – 30% [TIED]
Teriyaki – 30% [TIED]
Mild buffalo – 29%
Jerk seasoning – 29%