‘Tradwife’ Trending on TikTok

Perhaps this sounds easier?

Is this the return of the 1950s housewife?

“Traditional wives” who are more apt to be homemakers and reject modern feminism are making a return in a trend called “tradwife.”

The TikTok hashtag #TradWife has garnered 110.6 million views, as younger women post in support and against the seemingly antiquated, fringe lifestyle.

@esteecwilliams What it means to be a Tradwife. #fyp #tradwife #homemaking #housewife #traditional #tradwifecontroversy #womenschoice ♬ Music Instrument – Gerhard Siagian

In some circles, being a “tradwife” — short for ‘traditional wife’ — also means being a fundamentalist Christian, and accepting that women shouldn’t work, shouldn’t have the right to vote, and should fully submit to their husbands and their faith to live a happy life of homemaking.

Tradwives also believe that they should submit to their husbands and serve their husbands and family.