The First Trailer For “Manifest” Season 4 Has Landed

In the sneak peek, Michaela discovers something SHOCKING inside a cargo container!

Manifest Season 4 could be on our screens soon, all thanks to a new teaser trailer dropped by Netflix!

In the sneak peek, Michaela Stone (played Melissa Roxburgh) discovers something SHOCKING inside a cargo container, and if you’re not up to date you’ll be CONFUSED AF.

The fourth and final season of Manifest is confirmed to have 20 episodes, and will be split into two 10 episode parts.

No release date has been announced, but the teaser said 10 will be arriving “soon”.

Josh Dallas (who plays Ben Stone) announced in a recent interview that season 4 will take place two years after season 3.

Shooting of the season took place in November as confirmed by series creator Jeff Rake in a tweet:

Manifest ran for three seasons on NBC with a simple premise: a plane disappears, the 191 passengers aboard are presumed dead, suddenly returns five years later.

The show was cancelled last year by the network, but set INSANE records on Netflix for how popular it was. Manifest had the number 1 spot on Netflix’s popularity poll for 27 STRAIGHT days.

As a result of the huge streaming numbers, Netflix announced it would be picking up the show for a fourth and final season in August:

We’ll see what happens to the Stone Family and friends on Manifest, but for now fans will have to wait for the release date to be announced by Netflix!