TRENDING: TikTok Users Are Loving Pancake Cereal

Add butter and pour in maple syrup

I thought TikTok was all about silly dancing but it’s become the birthplace of some easy-to-make food trends too!

Cooking and baking has become the most fun way to fill all of our available time and this breakfast includes things that you already have in the kitchen.

Introducing, Pancake Cereal:

  • Make a TON of tiny pancakes.
  • Put them in a bowl.
  • Add butter.
  • Add maple syrup.
  • Some people are adding milk, (no thanks!)
  • Eat with a spoon like cereal.
@urmomaaashleykTHE SOUND OF THE MINI PANCAKES COMING OFF THE PAN 💍🥞 ##pancake ##cereal

♬ original sound – koochey