Tropicana Debuts ‘Perfect’ Mimosa Maker!


It’s an orange juice spray bottle!

The Tropicana Mimosa Maker is here to make your orange juice and Champagne concoctions easier to brew.

The limited-edition device is a 12-ounce spray bottle that spritzes just the right amount of juice into your sparkling flute.

The three settings of the bottle include whisper, spritz and shower — so the drinker can sip on a mimosa with a little or a lot of OJ.

It comes in a mimosa kit filled with a bottle of Tropicana Pure Premium Original orange juice, two Champagne flutes and two Tropicana red-and-white striped straws.

Consumers 21 and older are encouraged to visit from Nov. 6 through Nov. 10 for a chance to get their hands on their mimosa mixer during the company’s sweepstakes.