Tropicana Launching Toothpaste That Offers ‘Maximum OJ Protection’

Drinking OJ after you brush your teeth is the worst!

Having a glass of orange juice in the morning after brushing your teeth is about to become a lot more enjoyable, thanks to Tropicana.



The fruit juice company announced on social media that it will be holding a contest for a limited-edition Tropicana Toothpaste on Nov. 1 and, according to the brand, it will not ruin the taste of orange juice.



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According to a spokesperson for the brand, Tropicana Toothpaste will not be for sale on Nov. 1 – instead fans can enter for a chance to win one of the limited items by leaving a comment on Tropicana Juice’s Instagram page.



Tropicana said those who win a tube will find the product has “maximum OJ flavour protection,” thanks to the toothpaste’s lack of a specific ingredient that apparently causes the adverse reaction to orange juice.



It does not include sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) as an ingredient which contributes to the bitter aftertaste from brushing your teeth then drinking OJ!