Two-Thirds of Us Still Think About An Item We Wish We’d Bought

Does this outfit make me look fat?

Whether it’s those cowboy boots or those Sarah Jessica Parker shows, most of us have that one thing we regret not buying. This is a very common thing…

According to new research, two-thirds of us still think about an item we wish we’d bought… but didn’t.

Most of this regret comes when we’re alone…80% say they would have bought something if they had been with someone who’d backed them up and given them positive encouragement.

But our need for reassurance doesn’t end here – as 71% of people are more likely to purchase if someone compliments them while they are trying it on.

According to a stylist, a lot of our purchases comes with confidence. If someone isn’t there to tell us we’re rocking it, we are less likely to buy it.


Smile at yourself in the mirror

Alice says: ‘While you are in the fitting room smile at yourself. It sounds crazy but it works.’

Take a photo and hold the item for 30 mins

‘Take a picture of you in it and ask the fitting room assistant to hold it for 30 mins,’ she adds.

‘Walk out the shop, go somewhere else or go for a coffee. Look at the picture and think about how YOU felt in it. If you know you felt good, like you then go back and buy it. 

‘If you cannot hold the item make sure you can buy it online.’