Uber Eats Reports That Alberta Has The Pickiest Eaters In Canada

Canadians love takeout!

More than four months into this pandemic, Uber Eats is releasing data on the special instructions Canadians attached to their orders.  


Uber Eats began an essential service when people were forced to lockdown and rely on takeout.


The information collected found that Canadians love their sauce, no matter what they ordered.  It was the most requested special instruction on an order followed by “no onions.”

Tomatoes are also among the least popular food item with Canadians asking to hold them.  Canadians love their spices with special instructions for “spicy” or “extra spice.”


Other special instructions from Canadians when ordering food from Uber Eats included, “No cheese,” and “well done.” Canadians also ordered “extra mayo” a lot.

Uber Eats also reported that Canadians were less demanding with their special orders, requesting less “gluten-free” and “sauce on the side” over the past few months. 


The report also found that Alberta has the pickiest eaters in the country.  Uber also reported that no matter where in the country, Canadians are polite with more than 50 percent putting “please” or “Thank you” somewhere in their order instructions.