Uncommon Things That Should Be Normal

Why can't four-day work weeks be a thing!

Another riveting Reddit post asked people what they wish would become normalized! There are lots of responses in this thread that will have you nodding in agreement! Here are some of the responses.

Eating Out Alone!

Adult Slumber Parties (renting a house with your BFFs is so cool)

Free women’s products in public bathrooms 

Talking more openly about death and loss…

The ability to tell the difference between reliable and unreliable sources on the internet and in the news…

Changing careers in midlife…burnout is real!

Everyone is paid a livable wage…

Good bosses that help you grow and learn…

“Respect and manners. Society as a whole seems very ‘me’ based. People tear each other down for no reason at all. It’s a shame because I don’t see it changing anytime soon.”

“Genuine interactions between people that are not interrupted by phones. It’s cringey watching people ‘hanging out’ when most — if not all of them — are on their phones.”

A Four-day workweek!

Slitting the check on a date…

Being able to call in sick due to menstruation or mental health reasons (because sometimes when you stand, you feel like you may die)

Dressing to impress?  Wearing PJs in public is either telling the world that you’ve given up or you’re living your best life!