Unhappy Short People Are More Likely To Be Psychopaths

The Napoleon complex is real and science has proven it!

New research suggests that people who are relatively short and unhappy about it may engage in antagonistic behaviours in an attempt to offset their height disadvantage.

A study was conducted with 367 men and women who all were asked to fill out a questionnaire, designed to assess levels of psychopathy and narcissism. 

They were then asked to list their height and divulge if they were satisfied with their height or wished they were taller.

The lead researchers found that shorter people, especially those who wish they were taller, are more characterized by traits that are likely to make them show off, be confrontational and interested in power.

If people can’t be physically tall, they compensate psychologically instead.

When comparing genders, short men tended to be slightly more likely than short women to have narcissistic traits.