Unique Ways People Incorporate Their Physical Activity Into Their Daily Routines!

Do squats while brushing your teeth!

More than seven in 10 people are eager to increase their physical activity to keep up with their children. 

A recent study polled 2,000 U.S. adults to see how they’re staying active as our routines and lifestyles have undergone a drastic change over the past two years.  Only half of respondents can touch their toes without straining. 

However, people are looking to change their habits, with 70% making more of an effort to move around and be physically active more now than when the pandemic started.

Whether due to working from home or lack of motivation, 42% said they struggle to stay physically active during the day. 

The survey found that now more than ever, people are planning on making an effort to be physically active. People are renewing their commitment to an active lifestyle through activities like stretching at home, at-home workouts and taking mental health walks.

Most Unique Ways People Have Increased Their Physical Activity!

  • “Bowl, bowl several times a week.”
  • “Carry my grandkids on my back.”
  • “Ride my bicycle to work about once a week instead of driving. About 2 miles each way.”
  • “Do squats while on the phone.”
  • “I dancercise.”
  • “When I’m doing housework I try to do as much as physically possible!”
  • “Use a trampoline.”
  • “Use a hula hoop.”
  • “Snorkeling.”
  • “Doing exercises while watching Netflix.”
  • “Doing steps using a step stool while heating drinks or other things in the microwave.”
  • “Every time I eat something, I jog around my kitchen island for 5 minutes.”
  • “I march while brushing my teeth.”
  • “I play Wii Sports Resort.”
  • “I play with five dogs daily multiple times a day then I do stair reps.”