Uranus Smells Exactly How You Think It Smells

tee hee!

Get ready to delight the little kid in you. Uranus smells like farts. That’s according to a new study from science writer Ryan Mandelbaum, who reached out to a few planetary scientists.

Planetary Scientist Mark Hofstadter says there are tons of different gasses in Uranus’ atmosphere. He says the smelliest gasses are most likely the hydrogen sulfide (less than .8 parts per million) and the ammonia (less than 100 parts per billion).

Hydrogen Sulfide is what gives farts that rotten egg smell and Ammonia is what gives cleaning fluids and cat pee their distinct smell.

Other potentially stinky gasses found in Uranus’ atmosphere include: Phosphine (which can smell like garlic and rotten fish), and Ethanethiol (which smells like garlic and skunks).

There you have it Uranus smells like farts, cat pee, and a little bit like garlic.

(cover photo via Todd McCann flickr)