Usher Kills It At the Super Bowl Halftime Show


Usher promised a celebration for his Super Bowl halftime performance and he did deliver!

The Grammy-winning artist kicked off a 13-minute mashup of his hits with “Caught Up” and a performance that was a nod to his Las Vegas residency. 

Accompanied by dozens of dancers, showgirls and acrobats, the set could have been dubbed “Cirque de Usher.”

“U Don’t Have to Call” followed, along with a shout out to his mom before Usher turned the “Spotlight” on special guest Alicia Keys, who rolled from “If I Ain’t Got You” before they segued in to their hit duet “My Boo.”

Since it wouldn’t be an Usher performance if there wasn’t some Atlanta in the house, one of that city’s most famous producers Jermaine Dupri introduced “Confessions,” which Usher followed up with “Let It Burn” and “U Got It Bad.” Drenched in sweat, Usher took off his shirt off for a few minutes – likely much to the delight of many.

He was later joined by singer H.E.R. on guitar. She was his “Bad Girl” and provided a moment for the headliner to don his famous roller skates for a routine that flowed right into Lil Jon asking, “Turn Down For What?”

You know what that meant – a pop of their hit “Yeah!” with rapper Ludacris and his famous rhymes joining.

Usher said that he had worked his entire life to be able to perform at the Super Bowl… 

Well Done!