The Best Things About Going On Vacation With Your Mother!

Ever gone on vacation with your mother?

The research was commissioned by, which revealed searches for trips around Mother’s Day weekend are expected to go up 23 percent since 2019 – the last pre-pandemic year.



The hotel giant also claims adult kids are ready to treat their moms like VIPs, with searches for both 5 and 4-star locations increasing since 2019 by 40 percent and 55 percent respectively on their site.



Amenities such as spa facilities’ bathtub in the room’ have also seen a spike in searches this year.



Other top benefits of going away with mom include the novelty of seeing them get tipsy and that she’ll make the beds in the morning.



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1.            Spending quality time together

2.            Being able to treat your mum, as she deserves it

3.            Getting to see her fully relax

4.            You don’t usually get to spend long with your mum

5.            You know what each other likes

6.            You have a similar taste in holidays

7.            You can have a gossip

8.            Being spoilt by your mum

9.            Having meals/drinks paid for

10.          She thinks of everything you may need and is fully equipped for every situation

11.          She stays calm when things don’t quite go to plan

12.          She books the whole holiday

13.          She has great taste in hotels

14.          She prefers to get a taxi than public transport

15.          Having your mum organize your e.g., look after your passport, organize the itinerary

16.          The novelty of seeing them get tipsy

17.          She’ll be honest about your outfits

18.          She makes the beds in the hotel room

19.          She’s the only one who will join you on the dancefloor

20.          She has a great sense of direction so we won’t get lost