‘Vaccinated” Is The New ‘Sexy’

Is that a needle in your arm or are you happy to see me?

LISTEN: Charlie and MJ got a little hot and bothered this morning when talking about vaccines…

According to a study on OKCupid.com, if you want to have success on dating apps right now, it’s all about having the Covid vaccine.

That’s so hot!


While we patiently wait for our turn to be immunized, here is what people on dating apps are looking for!


1.  The number of people using the word “vaccine” in their profile is up 137% since November.


2.  People who say they’re going to get the vaccine are 20% more likely to get “likes” and 12% more matches.


3.  Four out of 10 people say they’d cancel a date with someone who said they weren’t going to get the vaccine.


4.  And people who say they’re double masking it-are having more conversations on OkCupid than people who aren’t.