It's so annoying!

Many people just like you are sick and tired of waking up with a stuffed-up schnozzle.


Usually, a congested nose is the result of inflammation of the nasal passages, explains the Mayo Clinic. But the cause of said inflammation really can vary.


And, of course, there are some other potential reasons why you wake up with a blocked nose.


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Here are some common reasons why our Nose Is stuffed up in the AM


Allergies or irritants

Dry air in your home

Acid Reflux-When you’re asleep lying down, acid can travel towards your nose and sinuses.

Cold or Sinus Infection

Pesky Hormones (If you’re pregnant)

Nasal polyps or a physical cause

Overuse of decongestants

Certain Medications-Certain medications designed to treat depression, erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure can make your nose feel blocked, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Sleep issues-Sleep apnea, or other sleep conditions such as bruxism (also called TMJ, essentially grinding your teeth while you sleep), can contribute to sinus-related issues, in addition to myriad other symptoms.