Walking From Your Bed To Your Home Office Is Technically A Commute!

Watch Your Step!

A German court has ruled that a man who slipped while walking a few metres from his bed to his home office can claim on worker’s compensation, as he was technically commuting.




While walking down the spiral staircase connecting the rooms, the unnamed man slipped and broke his back.




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The man was unable to work and filed a claim that his company took to court.




The employer’s insurance refused to cover the claim. While two lower courts disagreed on whether the short trip was a commute, the higher federal social court said it had found that “the first-morning journey from bed to the home office [was] an insured work route”.




It ruled: “The plaintiff suffered an accident at work when he fell on the way to his home office in the morning.”




In many countries, firms have a duty of care to their employees, regardless of where they work.