How would you rate your accuracy with self-checkout?

You may want to be a little more careful when scanning your items at the self-checkout!


Have you ever realized something didn’t get scanned, or you forgot to get it out of your cart?  Some Walmart locations are cracking down on self-checkout “shoplifting,” and are issuing citations if people walk away without paying for all their items.


In some cases, people ARE stealing, and that’s bad, but a report out of Arizona talked with people who claim they were cited for MISTAKES while handling a LARGE number of items or dealing with children while checking out.


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In some cases, the police were called, one woman said that because her mistake was more than $30, the sheriff arrested her for petty theft.  She didn’t say what the “mistake” was, but $30 isn’t just missing a couple of veggies.


Walmart said that they are taking “basic measures to control inventory,” but they wouldn’t say how widespread their self-checkout crackdown is, or what their policies are for citations and other penalties.


Of course, many people DON’T EVEN WANT to do their checkout.  In a recent poll, people were asked what they’d do if there were NO LINES.  56% said they want a human cashier, and just 36% said they’d do self-checkout.