Walmart Takes Kanye To Court Over Similar Logo

No one saw this one coming!

Walmart has filed an objection with the US Patent and Trademark Office over a logo Kanye West used for his Yeezy LLC in January 2020, the New York Post reports.


The retailer describes West’s “rays from a sun” logo as looking too familiar to the logo Walmart has used for the past 13 years.


The New York Post cites legal papers calling the eight lines that are made up of three dots to form a circle as “rays.”

Walmart is claiming that West’s logo looks just like their 13-year-old mark. The only difference is Walmart’s sun rays are made up of lines rather than dots.


In legal papers that were filed, Walmart claimed that the Yeezy logo will create “confusion” and a “false suggestion of a connection” between the two brands.


West’s company said their design could be used in conjunction with sneakers, underwear, T-shirts, furniture, modular homes, and potential hotel services.